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"After discovering Andrew's articles on Medium, I knew I wanted a personalized reading from him.  I received more than I could ever have hoped for! The amount of attention to detail and care he put into our session far exceeded my expectations.

He is so warm, positive, and legitimately spot-on.  I've had many a birth chart reading and I can confidently say that Andrew knows what he's doing when it comes to astrology.

His intuitive abilities made me completely seen and understood.  He literally radiates love.  It's worth it to just connect with him; the reading is a bonus."

Image by Dan Russo


"I first came across Andrew on medium.com
It was in January 2020, and little did I know the predictions in the article would slowly come true. I then decided to get a personal astrology reading.

Andrew was very thorough and took his time to cover everything. Additionally, he was super accurate on some points. I enjoyed my reading a lot and highly recommend him."

Image by Dan Russo


"The way you described my Pluto retrograde truly reminded me of the gem in my soul.

As someone who frequents astrology readings yearly. I loved the way you described the core of specific sections of my chart! 

I was shocked that you were able to put such an important part of my energy into words! I am so impressed and SO grateful. Thank you !!!!"